Top #10 Ps5 Games Most Popular 2021

Top 10 new best ps5 games in 2021 the new console has finally arrived and I already know which games I’m gonna buy spoiler alert and this top there’s a shooter and an rpg you’ve been waiting for years.

10. Hitman 3

The number one assassin in video games returns in the third and final installment of his trilogy that promises to be the most mature serious and darkest of all. Developed by io interactive

Hitman 3 is a game that maintains its stealth essence this time you once again control agent. A genetically engineered experiment to be the perfect hitman. So you’ll have to eliminate targets as neatly as possible for this each scenario works as a sandbox with several elements that will offer different possibilities. The best part is you’d be able to transfer all your progress from previous versions including levels objects suits as well.

Incorporate their locations into the new ones developed here the release date for this game has already been confirmed for January 20th get your next criminal assignment don’t get caught how does a good man decide when to kill.

9. God Of War

Sequel one of the most beloved PlayStation exclusive franchises returns with its ninth installment. The 2018 god of war sequel will continue with the impending Ragnarok. Yes, I know that extreme action is a key element in the series but trust me this time you can expect something on a completely different level developed by santa monica studio and under the director of the last title Corey barlog.

The game will unleash the brutal Norse apocalypse which will have Kratos the ancient Greek god who remains the only playable character and his son Atreus as protagonists and by how the story has developed.

So Far they’ll most likely have to face the fearsome thor. Will this lead to the most epic battle of gods ever told? You’ll find out very soon. Since the president of sony himself announced during the PlayStation 5 showcase the arrival of this title for 2021 you must prepare yourself.

God of War PS5 delayed to 2022

8. Gran Turismo 7

Fans of top speed can finally get excited as the eighth major installment of this famous racing series will be available for the next-gen PlayStation console in 2021. As you heard developer polyphony digital and sony interactive entertainment stepped on the gas to deliver grand Turismo 7.

A title that brings back the classic style of previous games such as the gt simulation mode with the ultimate single-player campaign. You can also choose traditional vehicles and tracks like the legendary trial mountain plus you’ll once again have the feature of turning your car apparently with the same system. You’ve grown to love over the decades best of all you can participate in championships and special events all of this perfectly combined with the new features introduced in the latest installment of gran Turismo sport. Uh, everything’s definitely running smoothly in this game.

Release Date Pushed Back To 2022

7. Ratchet and clank rift apart

Travel to other dimensions fights evil with an insane arsenal of mind-blowing graphics it could be none other than a ratchet and clank rift apart. These two intergalactic adventurers come from the hand of insomniac games you’ll have to take on an evil robotic emperor threatening to annihilate organic life as in other games. In this series, you can jump between different worlds and a multitude of exciting levels except that for the first time you’ll be able to instantly travel within gameplay scenes via interdimensional portals.

That’s right you’ll have a new mechanic called rift tether besides this title will take advantage of the PlayStation 5’s perks to bring you a wider variety of enemies visual effects objects and characters. All at a playability level with ultra-fast loading times only possible with the technology of this console ready to explore all the corners of the universe.

6. Final fantasy 16

Undoubtedly one of the most awaited games is the 16th title of the mainline final fantasy series and since its developers square Enix launched its official page. It looks like it’ll finally come out in this time you’ll find.

Yourself in valestia a continent with six kingdoms on the brink of war where crystals that grant magical abilities and summoned monsters play a special role. I assure you that you won’t leave the controller as this game is a downright action RPG but let me tell you the novelty in this release is that it won’t have the classic turn-based battle system the saga had everyone used to so far no exact launch date has been stated but apparently it’ll arrive next year thanks to an announcement in the official PlayStation 5 magazine I’m already dying to play it.

Release Date Delayed

5. Resident evil village

Residen Evil Village

Capcom did it again this developer drove all survival horror fans crazy by announcing that the 10th major installment of its iconic franchise will arrive on PlayStation 5 in 2021. The story takes place years after the events of resident evil 7 biohazard with Ethan winters finally leading a normal life until one of the saga’s most iconic heroes appears to disturb his peace. None other than Chris Redfield Chris sorry ethan they’ll both have to uncover the mysterious horrors that plague a cursed village while being hunted by vicious new enemies that have infested.

The place this time you’ll play from a first-person perspective and everything indicates that the scenarios will be way more open have no doubt that the detailed realism and relentless feeling of fear will increase with the technical features designed for this new console. Be careful because at any moment they can attack you.

4. Hogwarts legacy

It came finally after years of speculation and plenty of leaked information warner’s portkey games label and the developer avalanche software finally brought out the big guns and present Hogwarts legacy the action RPG game set in the wizarding.

World of harry potter here you’ll enter the prestigious school of witchcraft and wizardry following one of its students and of course, you’ll have all the adventures you dreamed of as a fan of the saga from choosing your Hogwarts house to learning how to perform spells and potions in class it’s leviosa not Olivia’s son although let me warn you that you won’t find Ron or Hermione here as this title takes place in the 19th century you’ll also find fantastic beasts but best of all is the large open world you can explore with locations like the forbidden.

Forest and Hogsmeade village I gotta say this is why I’m looking forward to 2021 almost as much as my Hogwarts letter.

Initial release date: 2022

3. Far cry 6

Ubisoft is showing that it doesn’t want to slow down with one of its star sockets as this 2021 the company will bring the sixth chapter of far cry it’s first-person shooter game par excellence this time you’ll be on the tropical island of yara where president Anton Castillo has full control with the tyrannical government supported by the militia and plans to inherit it to his son Diego [music] do you.

Understand now get ready to feel the adrenaline of a revolution since you’ll play as Danny Rojas a gorilla who will try to overthrow him so you’ll take action like dismantling radio towers intercepting enemy convoys and building a network of rebels you’ll also have makeshift weapons like a flamethrower built with a muffler a disc launcher and Molotov cocktails the adorable touch comes from chorizo your dash and companion who will distract enemies this all sounds amazing so count the days because this title will surely be a hit on the new console.

2. DeathLoop

Can you imagine being in a world where you’re condemned to repeat the same moment for all eternity. That’s what awaits you in.

Death loop is an action-adventure title developed by arcane studios here you’ll play as cult an assassin who wakes up in an old military base stuck in a time loop due to strange experiments to escape you’ll have to kill the eight residents before midnight leaving only one alive will cause the cycle to reset and undo all your work damn don’t worry each day you repeat will let you learn how to advance and you won’t lack.

Resources you’ll be able to use guns melee attacks or other environmental means besides death loop will feature multiplayer so if you activate this option a friend can play as Juliana an agent tasked to eliminate you [music] and you just ran out of time the good news is that this game has an exact launch date you’ll have it in your hands on May 21st uncounting the days and now it’s time to meet the most anticipated game of this new console I’m talking about.

1. Horizon forbidden west

The long-awaited sequel of horizon zero dawn hits this. New-gen console that’s right the robot dinosaur slaying heroin alloy is back and you know this time she’s heading to the west coast of the united states introduced as a third-person action RPG by guerrilla games horizon forbidden west will have as a central theme the existence of a strange plague that kills everything it touches and turns the local weather into a non-stop superstorm so you’ll have to cross the dangerous arcane frontier to uncover its cause I assure you that you won’t get bored on the journey as one of the main characteristics of the game features.

An impeccably detailed world with dozens of new mechanical bugs and a vast array of environments and ecosystems lush valleys dry deserts snowy mountains tropical beaches and underwater areas will be the new scenarios for you to explore as you please you can tell its developers have made the most of the PlayStation 5 specs to bring you the best experience look forward to it you saw that 2021 will have it all so what title do you think I missed in this top let me know in the comments if you consider yourself a real gamer like this article.

Late 2021/2022


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