Top #10 Best PS4 mouse and keyboard Review

The PS4, similar to each and every other control center, utilizes a regulator of course. Regulators are helpful for most games, yet they are not generally ideal for cutthroat gaming. The simple stick on a regulator offers next to no exactness. This distinction inexactness is the reason PC gaming is considered by numerous individuals to be better than console gaming. Notwithstanding, with the arrival of the PS4, a keyboard and mouse have gotten more normal with console gamers.

PS4 mouse and keyboard a justification for this pattern is the execution of crossplay in multiplayer games. Subsequently, With crossplay, gamers can play with different players across a few stages. A few games, like Honorable obligation and Fortnite, highlight crossplay and keyboard and mouse similarity. PC gamers are normally matched with console gamers. It probably won’t go if a control center player utilizes a regulator against a PC player since a keyboard and mouse offers significantly more exactness and accuracy. Keyboards additionally highlight more fastens for keybinds.

In either case some computer game kinds, a keyboard and mouse offer preferable exactness over a gamepad. So, a few games on the PlayStation 4 are viable with a mouse and keyboard.

You probably won’t have realized that the PS4 upheld this equipment, or maybe you’re after an overhaul. In any case, we should investigate the best keyboard and mouse combos for the PlayStation 4.

There are numerous keyboard and mouse combos accessible for the PS4. Regardless of whether you pick remote or wired, you ought to have the option to discover a combo that meets your requirements.

These are the best keyboard and mouse combinations for the PS4.

Meet Razer’s first wireless keyboard and mouse intended for ps4. Get mind boggling exactness on a tenkeyless keyboard with an inbuilt mouse mat, combined with a mouse highlighting the acclaimed Razer 5G Progressed Optical Sensor. After all, It’s the one-gadget answer for cutting edge gaming – on the love seat.

1. Razer Turret Wireless Mechanical Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Despite the fact that it is planned in light of Xbox consoles, Razer’s Turret Wireless Gaming Keyboard has no issue interfacing with a PS4.

The Turret interfaces with the PS4 with a 2.4GHz wireless dongle utilizing Razer’s Versatile Recurrence Innovation to change to the best recurrence to guarantee a solid association.

The battery can last more than 40 hours, permitting gamers to play for broadened timeframes.

What makes the Razer Turret an incredible keyboard for the PS4 is its solace.

Gamers will have no issue squeezing the keyboard’s catches because of the ergonomic wrist rest incorporated into the lower part of the keyboard.

This wrist rest is intended to give solace to the wrists all through long gaming meetings.

There is a retractable polarized mouse pad inside the Razer Turret keyboard, which means that any mouse placed on it will remain configured unless it is moved.

Razer’s choice to add these highlights to the Turret makes it a keyboard that functions admirably when playing on a love seat.

2. Redragon S101-BA Wired Gaming Keyboard And Mouse Combo

Assuming you need a keyboard that accomplishes more than mess around, yet you don’t fancy Redragon’s gamer group we covered before, attempt the Redragon S101 Wired Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo.

It’s intended to fit each specialty, from gaming to work efficiency. On the gaming side, you have the Redragon keyboard’s sharp look and adaptable shading designs.

The 25-key struggle free plan implies you can press various keys down unafraid of dropped inputs, and the Success key can be impaired to keep it from intruding on your gaming. Meanwhile, this makes it an extraordinary gaming keyboard for PS4 and PC the same.

Then, at that point, there’s the gaming mouse with an ergonomic plan and up to 3200DPI. It even accompanies six catches, five of which are programmable.

At the point when it’s the ideal opportunity for work, the Redragon keyboard pleasantly moves into efficiency mode.

The wrist rest is valuable for delayed composing, and the calm keypresses mean you will not pester people around you.

Gaming keyboard and gaming mouse: Redragon high-quality RGB backlit gaming keyboard and Redragon backlit gaming mouse is used.

Comprehensive GAMER Worth Pack PC, very suitable for gamers [new, more developed version] RGB backlit gaming keyboard: Redragon Drove RGB keyboard: 4 backlit shadow effects, 5-level backlit breathing frequency, planned ergonomic keyboard 104 keys, 25 effortless keys, 12 media keys, 8 built-in control keys for quick management, sprinkle evidence, and WIN key to disable playback.

Best high-end keyboard and mouse

Laser-etched buttons, 5-foot high-speed USB link, 3 mm wide, and high-strength woven fiber link. Gaming mouse: Redragon M601 Centrophorus red backlit ergonomic gaming mouse for PC.

(The driver can be turned off) 3200 DPI (1000/1600/2400/3200 4-level DPI shift), 4000 FPS, 15G ACC 6 Catch GAMING MOUSE ultra-fast game engine; 5 mouse buttons are programmable.

Effectively allocate keyboard keystroke or Mixed media or Windows capacities to any fasten with the included Programming.

Accompanies 8-pieces weight tuning set (2.4g x 8). Strong smooth TEFLON feet and molded body for extreme gaming control. Ergonomically Planned and Quality ABS development.

PC GAMING MOUSE AND KEYBOARD COMPATIBILITY: Windows 10, Windows 8, Windows 7, Windows Vista, or Windows XP, Restricted Macintosh operating system keyboard support.

KEYBOARD Highlights:MOUSE Highlights:
Gaming keyboard with 20 mixed media keys and switchable backlight shading3200 DPI
RGB backlight10g incitation power
Backlighting brilliance changeSturdy smooth TEFLON feed cushions
25-key rollover5 programable catches
5 large scale keys8 tuning loads
Windows-key lockFlexible DPI-800/1600/2400/3200/
Laser-engraved,never-wear keycaps10-millon click sturdiness
The keyboard utilizes against ghosting innovation
The keyboard can trade among work and game modes

3. Lenovo Legion KM300 RGB Gaming Keyboard and Mouse

Lenovo made a keyboard and mouse combo that costs not exactly very good quality keyboards and mice and is focused on easygoing gamers.

The Lenovo Legion KM300 RGB Gaming Combo Keyboard and Mouse will not help you play at a similar expertise level as a master, yet it actually has a few valuable highlights.

Included with the K300 keyboard are a number cushion and media catches.

The K300 likewise accompanies a 24-key rollover to forestall ghosting, guaranteeing every one of your data sources registers effectively.

In case something is spilled on the keyboard, there are seepage openings to help dispose of any remaining liquid.

Provided that RGB keyboard, five diverse lighting zones enlighten the keys. Lighting can be redone through a few easy routes. The M300 highlights an ergonomic plan alongside eight programmable catches and up to 8,000 DPI.

The M300’s able to use both hands configuration remembers two catches for each side so that left-handed and right-handed players utilize the mouse easily.

Each side is covered with finished holds to assist with keeping a client’s hands from sneaking off the mouse.

Both the K300 and M300 can be bought independently on the off chance that you need a mouse and don’t need another keyboard or the other way around.

These two gadgets try to give relaxed gamers quality gear without being excessively expensive, settling on it an incredible mid-range decision.

The Lenovo Legion KM300 RGB Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo is an extraordinary expansion to your gaming arrangement, as it permits you to upgrade your playing with solace and accommodation.

Best mid-range keyboard and mouse
The K300 keyboard has a full-size design with programmable keys for a tweaked insight, and a 24 key rollover layer with 5-zone RGB lighting, adding style to your arrangement.

While the M300 Mouse has ergonomic, able to use both hands plan for adaptable use, and 8 programmable fastens so you can play your direction.

In reality, intended to even the odds, the Lenovo™ Legion K300 Gaming Keyboard gives passage level gamers all they require to rival the experts, for a portion of the expense.

Full-size design, programmable keys, and a 24-key rollover film with 5-zone RGB lighting set a solid establishment of style and execution.

Smaller plans and customizability make it the ideal ally for the two competitions and easygoing use.

The Lenovo™ Legion M300 RGB Gaming Mouse conveys the presentation, solace, and control that enthusiastic passage level gamers need to play like the aces.

Bound to be a confided in a partner, it flaunts an ergonomic, able to use both hands plan, 8 effectively programmable catches, a super exact 8,000 DPI flexible sensor, and customizable RGB Drove backdrop illumination on the famous Legion logo.

Tech Specs:

Keyboard HighlightsMouse Highlights
Keyboard Layout 3-zone formatWeight Mouse: 119 grams (4.20 ounces)
Keycap Amount US EnglishRGB mouse buttons
Color BlackCatch Life Left/Right: 10 million ticks;
Association Type Wired by means of USB2.0Side button/DPI: 3 million
Link Length/Type 1.8m (5.9ft)/PVCDPI up to 8,000 DPI
Keyboard: 1035 grams (36.5 ounces)Pixart 3325 mouse sensor
Backlit dynamic 5-zoneWarranty type CRU
8 programmable snapshotsScroll up/down
keyboard key life cycle up to 20 million timesLenovo brand
Press weight 1585 grams (55.91 ounces)Mouse height: 42.05 mm (1.66 inches)
Organization certification CB, cTUVus, TUV Imprint, EN62471, FCC SDOC, IECS-003, CE, VCCI, BSMI, KCC-EMCMouse length: 127.65 mm (5.03 inches)
Keyboard: 34, 68 mm (1.37 inches)The most extreme operating temperature is 40 degrees Celsius (104 F)
Keyboard: 456 mm (17.95 inches)Mouse depth: 68.2 mm (2.69 inches)
The lowest operating temperature is 0 degrees Celsius (32 F)The most extreme relative humidity (%) 95%
The lowest relative viscosity ima (%) 20% Transportation group keyboard, mouse, layout

4. BlueFinger RGB Gaming Combo Keyboard And Mouse

Regardless you need a keyboard and mouse bundle that punches over its value level, attempt the BlueFinger RGB Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo. It has an alluring, reasonable value point, yet nothing about this combo feels modest. Everything has a decent weight and a strong form to it, so it doesn’t feel like you’re gaming on shaky equipment.

The convenience of a Numpad is frequently a subject of savage discussion; you either love it or hate it. In the event that you don’t need a Numpad occupying space in your play region, this one slices it off to save space for more helpful gaming catches, for example, the Print Screen key. This makes the BlueFinger the best keyboard and mouse combo for PS4 assuming you need to save space without forfeiting pivotal keys.

Remote keyboards and mice are advantageous gadgets however can immediately become badly designed once they should be charged. The ideal answer for this issue is a basic wired keyboard and mouse combo. The BlueFinger Keyboard and Mouse Combo highlight wired peripherals intended for gaming.

The keyboard utilizes a TKL design with RGB lighting emphasizing the keys. There could be no number cushion, however, this could be an advantage. Without a number cushion, the BlueFinger keyboard opens up more work area space. The keyboard likewise has a few basic alternate ways that let you effectively change the brilliance of the RGB lights.

Lighting is additionally a component of the included mouse. The shade of the BlueFinger mouse naturally moves between red, blue, pink, or purple. This mouse additionally has four movable DPI levels to browse to give gamers a more customized insight. Notwithstanding the customizable DPI, the mouse additionally includes a plaited link. This kind of link is more grounded and more adaptable than most mouse strings.

Best budget keyboard and mouse

The low cost of BlueFinger’s Keyboard and Mouse combo might cause a commotion, however, its attachment and play configuration make it a commendable buy for PS4 gamers who play near their comfort and lean toward gadgets that don’t should be charged in the wake of being utilized.

Remote keyboards and mice are helpful gadgets yet can immediately become badly arranged once they should be charged. The ideal answer for this issue is a straightforward wired keyboard and mouse combo. The BlueFinger Keyboard and Mouse Combo highlight wired peripherals intended for gaming.

The keyboard utilizes a TKL design with RGB lighting highlighting the keys. There could be no number cushion, however, this could be an advantage. Without a number cushion, the BlueFinger keyboard opens up more work area space. The keyboard additionally has a few straightforward alternate routes that let you effectively change the splendor of the RGB lights.

Lighting is likewise a component of the included mouse. The shade of the BlueFinger mouse consequently moves between red, blue, pink, or purple. This mouse likewise has four flexible DPI levels to browse to give gamers a more customized insight. Notwithstanding the customizable DPI, the mouse likewise includes a twisted link. This kind of link is more grounded and more adaptable than most mouse lines.

Also, The low cost of BlueFinger’s Keyboard and Mouse combo might cause a commotion, yet its fitting and-play configuration makes it a commendable buy for PS4 gamers who play near their comfort and lean toward gadgets that don’t should be charged subsequent to being utilized.

KEY Highlights

  • Both mouse and keyboard have adaptable shading designs
  • The keyboard has an ergonomic bend to assist with forestalling RSI

5. CHONCHOW Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo

The CHONCHOW RGB Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo is an incredible method to set yourself up for PS4 gaming without going through a lot of cash. The mouse is alluringly planned, while the keyboard accompanies a Numpad.

In addition, it likewise incorporates an enormous and appealing mousepad to assist you with a beginning. Both the mousepad and the keyboard are water-impervious to shield them from unplanned spills mid-game.

One standard US design keyboard 104 keys light up, standard size,19keys non-conflict, height adjustable, strengthening construction. One standard gaming illuminated keyboard caters to the necessities of each user. Both gaming and working are utilizing well.

7 tones RGB dynamic illuminated The Red/blue/water blue/green/yellow/white/purple,all is offer for choice.It likewise can change automatically. There are 7 modes,8 levels of splendor for choice, can change the speed and shading in one mode follow what you like. Specifically for working, monochrome is superior to dynamic RGB backlit, it can assist us with focusing our consideration and raise the effectiveness.

Ergonomic drove gaming mouse Ergonomic design, reduces the grating among wrist and work area top. Big size plan which can palm your hand completely.

Best wired keyboard and mouse

Easy to use Both this USB keyboard and mouse is – Gaming PS4 mouse and keyboard with U-span key format makes client works comfortable. The supports can change the point of the keyboard. Multimedia alternate routes help to raise the speed during utilizing to accomplish fast control.

Generally viable and no difficulty after deals administration Work for PC Windows7/8/10/vista, Mac OS, Xbox One,ps4/ps3 with overlaid USB plug. 100% 30 days guarantee of value and 365 days ensure after the deal.

Keyboard HighlightsMouse Highlights
keyboard size: inmouse size:4.752.81.6 in
RGB drove illuminated gaming keyboard,have 7 pre-set backdrop illumination mode,8 level of splendor and 4 degree of speed of running light(8 shade of full-lit illuminated for picking).Mouse USB cable:1.5 meters/About 5ft
Mechanical inclination and quick electronic reaction. 19 keys non-conflict,us design.Mouse DPI:800/1600/3200/4800
Attachment and play,no extra programming required. Viable with Win XP/7/8/10/Vista/Macintosh/PC/Work area/xbox/ps4/Switch and so forthSuper-thick mousepad size:290mm250mm3mm


  • Accompanies a huge mousemat
  • Both the keyboard and mousemat have waterproofing
  • Pre-set RGB Gaming Keyboard
  • Ergonomic Drove Gaming Mouse
  • Wear-safe mouse cushion


  • Snap life:10 multiple times
  • Ergonomic mouse,reduce the exhaustion with delayed utilizing.

6. Seenda Rechargeable Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Seenda’s Rechargeable Keyboard and Mouse Combo make an appeal to gamers on a tight spending plan searching for a minimal keyboard. What the keyboard needs visual allure, it compensates for in comfort. Then Utilizing a wired keyboard and mouse on the PS4 can be an issue, contingent upon how long the keyboard or mouse rope is.

The Seenda Rechargeable Keyboard is remote and interfaces with the PS4 by means of a remote beneficiary, making it a fitting and-play gadget. This 2.4GHz recipient has a scope of up to 26 feet. The keyboard additionally needs RGB lights and other unique highlights commonplace of gaming PS4 mouse and keyboard. Along these lines, its battery can last as long as 90 days for every charge. The auto-rest work additionally saves power and further broadens battery life.

In addition on the off chance that you are searching for a straightforward mouse. The included Seenda mouse ought to get the job done. This mouse is additionally remote and interfaces with the PS4 utilizing a similar remote collector. What helps separate it from different mice is its quietness. Seenda planned the mouse to decrease clamor, permitting you to click away without upsetting others.

Best programmable keyboard and mouse

Seenda’s Rechargeable Keyboard and Mouse Combo may be appropriate for you in case you’re searching for a modest keyboard and mouse. After all It comes up short on the typical gaming PS4 mouse and keyboard highlights, yet its attachment and play configuration settles on it an extraordinary decision for players who need to get ready for action rapidly.

Agreeable, Calm Composing:

The murmur tranquil, low-profile keys bring an unheard of level of solace to your fingertips. Also, keep all your most-utilized capacities and media controls nearer than any time in recent memory Windows-devoted hotkeys. The development of these scissors-kick keys can be utilized multiple times constantly.

2.4G Remote Association and Fitting and Play:

Simply plug it into a USB port and your keyboard and mouse are all set. Furthermore, the amazing 2.4G recurrence gives you a steady remote association, you won’t ever insight “slack” issue with it.

White Illuminated:

Brilliant and equitably conveyed illuminated keys, simple composing in lower light climate. Ideal for studio work, office. The illuminated can be turned here and there.

7. Orzly Gaming Combo Keyboard And Mouse

Who says you need to pay a premium to look great? The Orzly Gaming Keyboard and Mouse is an upscale expansion to this rundown without burning through every last cent. This combo likewise accompanies a mousemat and a headset.

Shockingly, the last has a mouthpiece that isn’t viable with the PS4 without a connector. In any case, assuming you need to utilize this equipment on your PC, it’s an extraordinary method to prepare yourself completely.

Since it’s modest doesn’t mean the keyboard and mouse hold back on the subtleties. The keyboard has an alluring RGB show with three diverse shading modes, and the mouse has four flexible DPI alternatives.

Gaming Mouse and Keyboard and around the Head Gaming Headset and Mouse Mat Total Starter pack across the board extraordinary Gift box (This Group incorporates FOUR things).

In short, PC Gaming, PS4 Gaming, Xbox Gaming, Retro Pie Gaming, or can be utilized for ordinary everyday Processing.

RGB lights for extreme PC Gaming Experience

Gaming Keyboard and mouse accompany 3 turning tones and breathing mode, 4 tones roundabout breathing Drove Gaming mouse, 4 customizable DPI (1200, 1600, 2400, 3200). Also wired film gaming Keyboard with multi-hued Drove backdrop illumination, against ghosting with 19 key rollovers, smooth keystrokes taking into account fast activity peacefully, media control keys, gaming Mode work keys, and flexible legs for wrist solace.

Gaming Headset included has a sound system. Such as sound for profound bass and fresh highs, delicate earpads for delayed meetings, a foldable Mouthpiece with Volume line controls, and a flexible 3.5mm sound jack.

KEY Highlights

  • Accompanies keyboard, mouse, mousemat, and headset
  • Chips away at PC, Xbox, and PS4

8. Logitech Wireless Combo MK360 Keyboard & Mouse

Logitech has been in the console and mouse business for quite a while, making the Logitech Wireless Combo MK360 an incredible decision for gamers. It’s mainly intended for business use, however as numerous clients revealed in audits, it’s extraordinary for composing messages in games like Last Dream XIV.

The battery life of this Logitech gadget is quite possibly the most noteworthy out there. While a trustworthy three-year life length utilizing just two AA batteries, this console might outlive the games you need to utilize it for! It additionally encodes all information sent, which makes it helpful as a working gadget as an afterthought.


With this console and mouse wireless combo completing work couldn’t be simpler. Above all Just attach the recipient into a USB port on your gadget to begin working in a moment or two. As a result, this reduced combo is ideal for smaller assembled and permits you to perform even in tightened work areas – at home or at work!


With a conservative plan, this console includes all the keys you need, including a number cushion and moment admittance to FN easy routes—and is 20% more modest than a full-size console. The outlined keys give you an agreeable, exact, and calm composing experience, while the tight, current, polished plan with stature movable slant legs gives your arrangement the perfect measure of edge

Best Pick

Agreeable Reduced MOUSE

Reduced and wireless, this mouse is intended to be similarly agreeable for both left-and right-gave clients on account of the formed shape that follows the regular bend of your hand. Besides, its smooth cursor control permits a simple route on most surfaces.

Attachment and PLAY WIRELESS

The arrangement is simple. Simply plug the beneficiary directly into a USB port and the MK360 combo is all set 33 ft (10m) of wireless opportunity Wireless reach might change due to ecological and registering conditions. allows you to complete work without being secured, and eliminates the messiness from your work area.

Worked TO Continue onward

Proficient force use implies you can go three years for the console and a year for the mouse—without the issue of changing batteries Console and mouse battery life might differ dependent on client and registering conditions. on account of the force saving innovation.

Dependable AND Strong

MK360 combo is worked with the very quality and dependability norms that have made Logitech the worldwide pioneer for mice and consoles

KEY Highlights

  • 20% more modest than customary consoles
  • Utilizations 128-cycle encryption to keep your keystrokes from being noticed

9. Corsair Pro Wired Gaming Combo Keyboard and Mouse

While the Corsair misses out on gaming execution to the Razer bundle, it does with the Corsair Void Pro remote headset which could influence your choice.

Provided that contains Corsair’s K55 keyboard, Harpoon mouse, MM100 mouse cushion, and Void Pro remote headset. as much as It’s what I consider as the ideal harmony among gaming and regular use peripherals.

It’s additionally the solitary bundle in this rundown that offers a headset for more precise spatial mindfulness and in-game drenching.

The K55 and HARPOON RGB Gaming Keyboard and Mouse Combo is your initial move toward winning and highlights programmable large scale keys, superior 6000 DPI mouse sensor, and full iCUE support.


The K55 RGB and HARPOON RGB Gaming Keyboard and Mouse combo is your initial move toward triumph. Besides, this couple comes loaded with the fundamental highlights to move forward your game.


Natural RGB backdrop illumination modes, 6 committed large scale keys, the multi-key enemy of ghosting, and media controls provide the customization and control fundamental for triumph. Also, The K55 RGB is your initial move towards upgraded execution.

THREE-ZONE DYNAMIC RGB Backdrop illumination

10+ clear RGB lighting modes permit you to pick between multicolor static backdrop illumination or vivid lighting impacts.


Allot single keystrokes or complex multi-key combos to any of the 6 committed full scale keys, on the fly, with no extra programming needed to be introduced.

Staff Pick

Committed VOLUME AND Mixed media CONTROLS

Change your sound without intruding on your game with direct admittance to volume and media playback.


Least commotion and fulfilling feel without forfeiting execution.


Your commands and synchronous keystrokes register the manner in which you proposed.

Separable Delicate Elastic WRIST REST

Extra solace to help your interactivity during long distance race gaming meetings.

Calibrated Highlights

The K55 RGB’s Windows Key Lock mode disposes of interruption by incapacitating the Windows key while you’re in real life while folding feet at the lower part of the keyboard permits ideal situating for your hands.


HARPOON RGB mouse is designed for execution, including 6000 DPI optical game sensor, with the most advanced tracking function, can achieve precise control and lightweight design, can help speed up development.


Intended to fit normally in your hand and backing numerous grasp styles.


Progressed following and rapid movement identification ideal for FPS gaming.

ON-THE-FLY DPI Exchanging

In a split second adjust your mouse affectability to the circumstance for absolute command in each climate.


RGB lighting gives you that dash of personalization that makes HARPOON RGB your own.

Finished Shaped Elastic SIDE Grasps

Shaped elastic side grasps empower you to hold the mouse with a certain, stronghold. Try not to slip while lifting the mouse or make long or fast swipes.


Broad customization from straightforward remaps to complex macros.

10. Cooler Master MS120 Gaming Combo Keyboard And Mouse

The MasterSet MS120 is a keyboard/mouse combo with the strength and highlights ordinarily found in favorable to grade equipment. Besides The material keyboard and the accuracy mouse are both quality devices to hoist your gaming goals.

Cooler Master presents their MasterSet gaming combo, a passage level pack that beats its sticker price. Specifically, with full RGB access and an ergonomically planned mouse for paw grasp clients, this remarkable group unquestionably offers something the others don’t.

The MS120 keyboard is one of the better contributions in this aide, giving mem-chanical switches that are depicted as the “smartest possible solution” The mouse offers a little structure plan that is ideal for hook hold clients, close by a Pixart 3050 optical gaming sensor for high exactness and brilliant following.

Elite Material Half breed MEM-CHANICAL SWITCHES

The MasterSet MS120 Keyboard is furnished with our elite crossover switches designed in-house. In short these mem-chanical switches include exceptionally planned material, clicky switches, like those found in proficient level mechanical keyboards. In addition, outcome is a layered keyboard that is calibrated to help you win every one of your fights.

Best Value

MasterSet MS120 is a keyboard that looks and feels great, with current fashion taste. The MasterSet MS120 likewise accompanies full per-key RGB capacity for splendid lighting impacts particular for each key.


No compelling reason to stress over whether your keyboard can keep up – MasterSet MS120 will deal with everything. Also, a 26-key enemy of ghosting, each and every keypress will be enlisted absolutely. Never make copy keystrokes again.

An Exactness MOUSE TO Hoist YOUR GAME

The mouse encased in our combo is exclusively custom-made for no-nonsense genuine gaming. To sum up It has sturdy Omron switches, useful for 10 million exact keypresses, and an Avago optical sensor that is advanced explicitly for going on a killing binge.

Tech Specs:

Keyboard HighlightsMouse Highlights
Mem-chanical ClickyUSB 2.0
Life expectancy 50M+500, 750, 1500, 3500
MechanicalThree Zones, Single Tone, Throbbing Impacts
Per-key full backdrop illumination, numerous modes and receptive impacts. Controllable through FN key combo.118 (L) x 78.5 (W) x 39.5 (H) mm
Indeed, online updates for Drove modes105 g
Through FN

In short one kind of group that features a great incentive for cash.


ASUS Cerberus Keyboard and Mouse Combo

Finally, we have our spending pick, the ASUS Cerberus gaming combo. Typically, you wouldn’t anticipate that ASUS should be at the lower part of the ‘best of’ heap, in any case, their low-end offering actually lands our spending pick.

Also, they don’t actually offer anything unique as far as configuration highlights, nonetheless, for construct quality and shape, both mouse and keyboard feel set up.

Besides, an incredible decision for first-time gamers hoping to experience the PC gaming experience.

Full SECC metal plate

Fashioned from a full SECC metal plate, Cerberus Gaming Keyboard has a rough, tough plan that stands up to the afflictions of nonstop, extreme gaming.

Sprinkle evidence plan with channel opening

Cerberus Gaming Keyboard includes a sprinkle verification configuration to secure against inadvertently spilled fluids. A coordinated channel opening keeps fluids from being caught inside the keyboard and guarantees simple cleanup after spills, so you can return to gaming with insignificant interruption.

Completely rubber treated feet

With completely rubber treated feet that give improved erosion on any surface, Cerberus Gaming Keyboard remains solidly set up during even the most extraordinary gaming meetings, so you can push for success without pushing your keyboard around.

Nimble DPI control with Drove shading pointer

A DPI grasp empowers moment exchanging among four adjustable affectability levels, giving you the perfect measure of speed for standard gaming groupings and extreme accuracy when you need it, like while killing.

Worked on elastic side grasps

Cerberus Gaming Mouse highlights further developed elastic side grasps that stay cool and lessen slipping from sweat to keep you hanging on during extreme gaming activity.


  • Full SECC metal plate
  • Sprinkle confirmation plan with channel opening
  • Strategic adaptability
  • Upgraded contact for solid developments Mouse
  • Four adaptable DPI levels with a Drove shading pointer
  • Intended for both right-and left-handed gamers
  • Worked on elastic side grasps
  • Diminishes perspiring and slipping


  • Tough sturdiness
  • Secures against spilled fluids
  • 12 full scale keys
  • Completely rubber treated feet
  • Nimble DPI control
  • Sleek able to use both hands plan


At last, choosing new peripherals for your specific needs (whether for PC or console settings) can be an extremely arduous process, especially when you consider the number of different options currently flooding the market.

It takes hours of product research and performance benchmarking. , And check user feedback to get closer to the final conclusion that is truly correct.

Secondly, when the game is not compatible with the keyboard and mouse on PS4, some players will use adapters or special software to convert keyboard and mouse input to PS4 controller input. Finally, someone can use keyboard and mouse input in competitive games that only support game controllers, which is considered cheating.

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